Sphere Lanterns

This spherical in the hoop LED electric tealight lantern is made in two hoopings and is partially assembled in the hoop so the gores are easy to stitch together.  The two sphere halves are stitched together by machine using a zigzag stich.  The design measures 4.59” x 5.19” (11.66 x 13.17 cm) and the total stitches for both halves combined is 33,117.  The lantern is designed to hold one LED electric tealight and looks lovely embellished with hotfix crystals or hotrocks.  It can be suspended with a chain or you can omit the chain so the lantern sits on a shelf or table.  It can be made with tulle, organza, or any other sheer fabric such as a light cotton challis.

Please note these are machine embroiderydesigns, not sewing patterns, and they can only be used with an embroidery machine.