Living in a log cabin on a lake near the edge of the grid is an endless source of inspiration for my designs.  For example, the frequent power outages caused me to dream up a range of tealight lanterns so that I'd always have light close at hand.  Trying to stay organized in a small house with a quartet of beloved dogs resulted in numerous types of pocket designs to keep things off the end tables and safely out of canine reach.

I've been sewing for 30 years since I was a wee little thing and embroidering and digitizing for the past 12.  That first embroidery machine had me embellishing half my closet with designs.  Until the machine started to gather a bit of dust - I ran out of clothing to embroider.

Then I saw my first in-the-hoop project, a tissue holder, and I had my ah-ha moment - there can be so much more to an embroidery machine than just cuffs and collars!  Since that moment, I have been focused on digitizing in-the-hoop projects for my home, for birthday or Christmas gifts, for new babies, and for my mom.  Many of the projects that I design are unique, both in construct and function, and I decided to send them out into the world in the hope that others may enjoy stitching them as much as I do.  And so StitchSoup was born!

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