Nouveau Alphabet

This is a small art nouveau alphabet that I digitized specifically for the labels and other alphabet needs that that may require smaller than usual characters.  Because it is so small, it has been very carefully digitized to give clear letters without thread bunching and a lightly reduced density to avoid shredding your fabrics due to the narrowness of the satin.  As well, all letters have been digitized so that the start point is on the left side of the letter specifically to avoid stitching overtop of jump stitches which make it unsightly and difficult to snip tiny tails.

The set includes 26 capital letters, 26 small letters, 6 punctuation marks (.,?/&!), 10 numbers, plus four small leaf swirls and their mirror images to bookend short words, for a total of 76 files.  The height of the small letters is 0.44”/11.1 mm (for letters like a, c, e) and 0.8”/20.6 mm for letters with a tail (such as p, q, f); and the height of the capital letters is 0.61”/15.5 mm (for letters like B, D, E) and 0.9”/23 mm for letters with a tail (such as M, N, R).

The wall pocket and label sets are not included and can be purchased separately or as a combo set.

Please note these are machine embroiderydesigns, not sewing patterns, and they can only be used with an embroidery machine.