Hanging Leaf Lanterns

Fast, easy and whimsical leafy hanging flameless (battery-powered) tealight lanterns made in the hoop!  These can be quickly stitched out using a single colour of thread in two 5”x7” hoopings and are easily assembled with a small bit of hand or machine stitching.  And despite their appearance, there is only one small rectangle applique to cut out.  They each hold one flameless tealight which gives them a beautiful glow.

Design file size (5"x7" hoop):  largest width = 4.84”; largest length = 6.52”

I generally use a few layers of tulle for a transparent leafy look, or a layer of organza with a layer or two of tulle on top for more structured leaves (other fabrics such as thin cotton, burnout, or sheers also work well).  Shimmery angelina fibers spread over a layer of tulle or organza also work well for these lights.  These lanterns are very fun to embellish (hot fix crystals look lovely) and look fabulous hanging in the trees for an outdoor party.  I designed these as a result of living near the edge of the grid, which means we suffer from many power outages, so I have hanging and wall-mount tealight lanterns peppered throughout my house so I am always prepared, and they are electric so they are safe – no worries about a wagging tail knocking one over :-)

This set contains 6 files to create 3 different lanterns - and of course you can mix-n-match and overlap the 'leaves' to create more styles :-) 

Please note these are machine embroidery in the hoop (ITH) designs, not sewing patterns, and they can only be used with an embroidery machine.