Forest Flora

Forest Flora is part three of the Enchanted Forest Collection.  Not only are these flowers the perfect addition to your forest, they also make excellent gifts for Mothers Day, Easter, Valentines Day, or even just to put outside your window to pretend it's not actually minus 20 outside and there isn't really two feet of snow under the flowers :-)  

The flowers are perfect for using up all those 2"-4" scraps of felt and the set was digitized with placement lines so no need to guess where to place the pieces and no wasted felt from using larger-than-needed pieces.  Each hooping takes about 10 minutes to stitch, then about 5-10 minutes to cut out the applique pieces (almost all of the applique is cut out after the design is un-hooped so it is very easy) and about 5 minutes to glue them together.  The only notions needed for this project is felt, thread, scissors and glue.  You can also add hotfix crystals to bring some sparkle to the flowers.

The seven flowers range in height from 1.3" tall (3 cm) to 3" tall (7.6 cm) and each one is created in a single 5x7 hooping (the 4 small ones are created two to a hoop for greater efficiency and to save stabilizer).  The set also includes the mat with the cobblestone path and two leaves to display your flowers.

Please note these are machine embroidery in the hoop (ITH) designs, not sewing patterns, and they can only be used with an embroidery machine.