Folding Tote Bags

***Please Note - a sewing machine is required for this project***

These practical and pretty tote bags make great gifts, would be lovely for a Mother's Day gift, and are perfect for craft fairs!  They fold up and snap closed so they are perfect to carry around in your purse so you always have a bag available when you are out shopping.  

Each one stitches up in a single 6x10 hooping with around 10,000 stitches and between 7 and 11 color stops.  Once the 'pocket' is finished stitching, it is sewn onto the front of a tote bag, before the bag is assembled.  Detailed instructions are included for sewing the tote bag - it is a very easy style with french seams down the sides so no raw edges anywhere in the bag.

One of the designs has a frame on the front where you can add a name or monogram (you can replace the little dragonfly with a name or monogram).

When the tote is in use, the front embroidery panel is also a deep pocket.  

The finished tote bag measures 13" wide by 15" tall and when it's folded it measures 3.5" tall, 5.5" long and 1" deep.

Please note an embroidery machine and a sewing machine are both required to complete this project.