5x7, 6x10, 7x11, 8x10

Boho Trays

Beautiful Boho trinket trays stitch up super-quick in a single hooping using just 2 pieces of cork or vinyl and four color stops.  You can use rivets to assemble them or Kam snaps.  Use them to drop your keys, wallet and pocket change when you come in the house, or to hold small sewing or office supplies, or as a coaster tray or a candy bowl... so many options.  You can make a full set and nest them when not in use.

Design Sizes:

Boho Tray 1 (5x7 hoop)  file size = 5.0” x 5.4” / 127mm x 137mm (3500 stitches)

- finished assembled measurements = 3" square base x 1" tall sides

Boho Tray 2 (6x10 hoop) file size = 5.9” x 6.3” / 149mm x 160mm (5800 stitches)

- finished assembled measurements = 3.5" square base x 1.3" tall sides

Boho Tray 3 (7x11 hoop) file size = 6.9” x 7.5” / 177mm x 190mm (5900 stitches)

- finished assembled measurements = 4" square base x 1.5" tall sides

Boho Tray 4 (8x10 hoop) file size = 7.8” x 8.4” / 198mm x 213mm (5600 stitches)

- finished assembled measurements = 4.7" square base x 1.75" tall sides

Please note that these are not finished products, they are machine embroidery files and an embroidery machine is needed to stitch them out.  Some of the designs used in this set were created from purchased licensed clipart.