5x7 & 6x10

Animal Bags

These adorable little woodland animal bags make for excellent loot/treat bags at a party or a small gift bag for a child.  There are five animals in the set: a bear, hedgehog, raccoon, fox and owl.  You can also add a ribbon to make a handle for the bag.

Two sizes are included for the 5x7 and 6x10 hoop and each bag stitches up quick in a single hooping with between 2,500 and 6,500 stitches and 6-9 color stops.  They are then assembled by folding them and running a line of glue up the side and two lines of glue along the bottom.  

The small bags measure about 2.25" wide, 1.25" deep, and 4.25" tall. The large bags measure about 3" wide, 1.5" deep and 5" tall.

Please note this is a machine embroidery in the hoop (ITH) design, not a sewing pattern, and it can only be used with an embroidery machine.  The license to use these designs for machine embroidery was purchased from a hand-sewing pattern designer out of Toronto.