4x4, 5x7, 6x10, 7x11, 8x12

Stuffed Owl

This super versatile stuffed owl is a perfect gift for a child, baby shower, or to decorate a nursery and it makes for a great quick gift.  The owl can be stitched using felt, microsuede, fleece, minky, cotton, almost anything or any combination of fabrics such as a felt main body and patterned cotton wings.  You can also easily replace the small belly detail with a name or monogram or any other design.  The blanket stitch around the applique pieces gives a nice tidy edge with a bit of an old-school professional handmade look.

The owl is created in a single hooping.  The felt version is stitched directly on hooped felt – no stabilizer needed and it's already right side out so no need to turn it.  When it’s finished stitching, stuff it and sew the small opening closed and it’s finished.  If you are stitching it on cotton, fleece or minky, then you can use a light tear-away stabilizer and turn it so the edges are finished.

This owl is not intended to bedazzle the recipient with intricate stitchery (unless the recipient considers "blanket stitch" intricate) - rather it is for those real life moments such as "Oh no... is that baby shower in an hour?!  Ack, I need a cute quick gift!" :-)  This is an easy low-detail project that produces a high-quality result (use felt for a retro appeal, or cotton or minky for a more modern feel).

Five sizes are included:  

- 4x4 hoop makes an owl about 3.8” tall (design file size = 3" x 3.9" and 2,430 stitches);

- 5x7 hoop makes an owl about 6.5” tall (design file size = 5" x 6.5" and 3,950 stitches);

- 6x8 hoop makes one about 7.5” tall (design file size = 5.83" x 7.7" and 4,550 stitches);

- 7x10 makes an owl about 9" tall (design file size = 6.85" x 9" and 5,300 stitches);

- 8x12 makes an owl about 10" tall (design file size = 7.76" x 10.2" and 5,800 stitches).  

I strongly recommend using bed pillow stuffing (you can purchase really inexpensive pillows from Walmart and Target) instead of craft polyfil – the craft fill is hard, dense and lumpy whereas bed pillows are light, fluffy and much easier to stuff into small places and result in a much softer stuffie.

The license to use these designs for machine embroidery was purchased from a hand-sewing pattern designer out of Toronto.

Please note this is a machine embroidery in the hoop (ITH) design, not a sewing pattern, and it can only be used with an embroidery machine.