Needle Organizers

This is a great project to help keep track of your needles as you switch them out when going from sewing a dress to a handbag to a quilt or some home decor - this project is a very nifty needle organizer so you know exactly what needles are in use and still good.  I put a red pin in the needle holder to show what needle is currently in my machine - I think this will save me a lot of wasted needles.    

*** this design has been updated to include separate files with the needle names in German ***

The design comes in three versions, one with common needles for garment sewists including pockets for three additional packs, one for common needles for quilters also with the three pockets, and a third one with 9 different common needle options.  There is also a fourth file which includes all the needle names so if you have embroidery software you can customize your needle holder to the ones you use most often.

The designs stitch out in a single hooping in 6 color stops and 6500 to 7500 stitches each.  Vinyl or cork works best for this project with cotton for the applique, a small piece of batting or fleece, and a piece of clear vinyl for the pocket option (6 or 8 gauge vinyl works well).

Please note that these are not finished products or sewing patterns, they are machine embroidery files and an embroidery machine is needed to stitch them out.