Pocket Apron 8x12

If you do craft fairs or have a waitress in the family, this easy project is super-useful.  The pocket apron uses only one color of thread and is completed in a single hooping almost entirely on the front of the hoop. 

This design uses the stitch-and-flip method so you can lay the pieces while in the machine without removing the hoop except for a few times to trim fabric.  After the fabrics are cut and ready, it takes about 35 minutes to stitch it up.  Once it’s stitched and unhooped, sew up the 3” opening, press it, and it’s finished!  You can also add optional snaps, rivets, and other embellishments.

The pockets are great for holding loose bills, change, your smartphone and square-reader, notepad, pens, business cards, pretty much anything you need handy.  There is also a loop for a swivel hook or split ring to hang your keys or swipe card.

The instructions include three different options for attaching the apron: (1) two loops to hang it from a belt; (2) side loops with oval rings to attach a webbing belt; and (3) snap loops to snap it over a belt.

This is a great project for coordinating fat quarters and you can add your own design, monogram, or name to the front of the zipper pocket, all in the same single hooping. 

This design is created for the 8x12 hoop.  Due to the zipper placement and pocket, I do not recommend resizing this design unless you are experienced or else the zipper is unlikely to work.

Please note these are machine embroidery in the hoop (ITH) designs, not sewing patterns, and they can only be used with an embroidery machine.