5x7 & 6x10

Stuffed Felt Seal

This small stuffed felt seal is a perfect gift for a child or to decorate a nursery and it makes for a great quick gift.

The seal is created quickly and easily in a single hooping, and it is stitched directly on hooped felt – no stabilizer needed.  When it’s finished stitching, stuff it and sew the small opening closed and it’s finished.  I strongly recommend using pillow stuffing (you can purchase really inexpensive pillows from Walmart and Target) instead of craft polyfil – the craft fill is hard, dense and lumpy whereas bed pillows are light, fluffy and much easier to stuff into small places.

Two sizes are included:  the 5x7 hoop makes a seal about 6.5” long and the 6x10 hoop makes one about 7.6” long.  The design files measure 5” x 6.6” (1800 stitches) and 5.9” x 7.7” (2200 stitches).

The seal is also available as part of an arctic set under the stuffedmenu category.  The license to use these designs for machine embroidery was purchased from a hand-sewing pattern designer out of Toronto.

Please note these are machine embroidery in the hoop (ITH) designs, not sewing patterns, and they can only be used with an embroidery machine.