4x4, 5x7

Snap Tags

Getting organized!  If your fabrics are tucked into bins to keep the dust and pet fur off them, tag them so you can easily find what you need!  You can even snap tags onto laundry baskets to keep everything sorted.  Or keep an inventory sheet or shopping list on hand to jot down when you are running low on items and attach the tag to metal cabinets with magnets.  You can also tag cardboard boxes with snaps, velcro or brad fasteners.  Full instructions are included for all these fastenings.

The tags stitch up quick with 4 color stops and less than 3,400 stitches each.  There are three tags for the 4x4 hoop and two tags for the 5x7 hoop.  Instructions are also include to stitch them up even quicker in just 2 color stops.

They are made from colored vinyl (such as marine vinyl) with clear vinyl windows so they are durable and they attach to the box using a Kam snap (or you could use those sticky velcro dots, or rivets if you want them permanently attached, or magnets, or velcro, or brads - instructions are included for all options).  As your needs and stuff change you can swap out the label inside.

Please note this is a machine embroidery in the hoop (ITH) design, not a sewing pattern, and it can only be used with an embroidery machine.