Sewing Kits 6x10

I love being organized!  Finally I can collect my needles, machine feet, useful accessories, and just about anything else all together in one place so everything is easily visible.  No more rooting through baggies and plastic bins!  These sewing kits are also great for taking to class - keep all the accessories you need in one handy place then pop it into your bag on your way to sewing class.

This set includes five different kits:  

(1) Fits eight machine needle packs (it fits most brands of 5-needle packs);

(2) Fits eight machine feet so you can easily find the foot you need, plus a large pocket for useful items like the screwdriver, bobbin cleaning brush, and spool disks;

(3) Four snap-close pockets to keep all sorts of things like buttons, ribbon, snaps sets, split rings, and they can also be used for different purposes like jewelry or beading supplies;

(4) Two zipper pockets to securely hold small items;

(5) Keep all your pins, needles, safety pins, securely in one spot;

Each kit is made in a single hooping using one color of thread in less than 5,000 stitches and between 6 and 12 color stops.  A template is also included if you would like to add your own design to the cover in a second hooping.  The "needles" applique is included with the template as well as instructions to add your own design ensuring it is properly aligned.

12-Gauge clear vinyl works perfect for this project as does 8-guage.  I found 4-gauge was too thin and 16-gauge too thick.

Please note these are machine embroidery in the hoop (ITH) designs, not sewing patterns, and they can only be used with an embroidery machine.