5x7 & 6x10

Pill Pockets

This is handy!  I fill each pocket with the pills I need to take for the week and hang it by my coffee maker so I never forget to take a pill.  Instead of using an eyelet/grommet to hang it on a wall, you can add the female half of a rivet magnetic snap to put it on your fridge (I used size 14 - available for sale at KamSnaps.com) 

The pockets can be made with clear vinyl (8-gauge works well), or a stretchy mesh such as a light drapey tulle/netting, sport mesh, power mesh (bathing suit and bra lining) or mesh produce bag fabric (pretty much anything stretchy that is transparent or semi-transparent).  

There are 12 files in this nifty pill pocket set, six different designs for the 5x7 hoop (the pockets will hold 1-2 pills) and the same 6 designs for the 6x10 hoop (pockets will hold multiple pills).  Each design is created in a single hooping in 5 color stops with between 5000 and 7000 stitches.  The front can be made with vinyl or cork and the back with vinyl or felt, with cotton fabric behind the pockets.  Three of the pockets have a window for chalkboard fabric so you can write reminders or instructions.  The set also includes feminine, masculine, and kid styles so anyone in the family who needs pill reminders can have one.

Please note that these are not finished products or sewing patterns, they are machine embroidery in the hoop (ITH) project files and an embroidery machine is needed to stitch them out.  Some of these designs use purchased licensed clipart.