4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9

Hot Pads

This attractive and versatile set of trivets/hot pads/coasters makes an excellent hostess gift, mothers day gift or housewarming gift.  Each hot pad is completed in one hooping in under 4400 stitches using the stitch-and-flip technique.  You need to remove the hoop one time to trim the fabrics and add a piece on the back but you can remove the hoop two other times to trim fabrics if they are light colored so the bottom layer doesn't show through.

For the top of the hot pads you can use Insul-Bright (by the Warm company), Insul-Fleece (by Pellon), or Therm-Fleece (by Unique) which are all good up to 390 Fahrenheit.  For fabric use regular quilters cotton (fat quarters or 10" layer cakes work great).  I prefer my hot pads to be substantial so I also add a layer of fusible fleece to the back/bottom (for the 3 largest sizes, I like to use Pellon Peltex 72f because it makes them very sturdy, not floppy).  You can also add a ribbon or a grommet to hang them on a hook in your kitchen.

The set includes six sizes, all are square:

- 4x4 (3.9" x 3.9", 2000 stitches)

- 5x5 (5" x 5", 2600 stitches)

- 6x6 (5.9" x 5.9", 2950 stitches)

- 7x7 (7" x 7", 3500 stitches)

- 8x8 (7.7" x 7.7", 3880 stitches)

- 9x9 (9" x 9", 4400 stitches)

Please note this is a machine embroidery in the hoop (ITH) design, not a sewing pattern, and it can only be used with an embroidery machine.