Olde Towne

Let your imagination run with this set of lovely felt houses and trees.  Create a small hamlet or a large village scene, make it classic all in white or use colored felt for a completely different appearance.  The houses and the trees all fit LED tea lights inside them for a beautiful glow.

Each house is created in two 5x7 hoopings (one for the house and one for the roof) in two color stops and are then dried flat and assembled with a couple of lines of glue.  The trees are created in a single hooping and do not require any assembly.  The houses each have around 3200 stitches so they stitch up quick and are good for metallic thread.

The designs are stitched on felt on water-soluble stabilizer which is then rinsed out and they are dried flat before assembly.  They are stiff and very durable and will last many years.  

There are ten unique designs included in this set:

- tiny tilted house with snow on the roof;

- 2-story tilted house with a stone wall;

- boutique with an awning;

- tower with brick crenelations;

- church with timberframe detail;

- small shrub with berries (looks complicated but it's very easy!);

- snowflake tree with holes to let the light through;

- larger starry tree;

- small display mat with semi-circle path and stars;

- large display mat with a cobblestone path (this one is for the 6x10 hoop)

This set can also be mixed-and-matched with the Christmas Create-a-Scene set, the original Christmas Village, or even the Enchanted Forest Collection. 

Please note these are machine embroidery in the hoop (ITH) designs, not sewing patterns, and they can only be used with an embroidery machine.