6x10 & 8x10

Gift Pouches

These pretty gift pouches are great for giving out small gifts at the office (fill them with homemade cookies or chocolates), hostess gifts (gourmet cooking spices, potpourri, small candles), friend gifts (make-up, nail polish, jewelry), sick friend care package (cough drops, individual packets of hot chocolate, mini marshmallows) and so much more. 

They are quick and easy - created in one hooping, in one piece, in 5 color stops, with fewer than 4000 stitches and all you need to assemble them are a couple of brads!  They are easy to embellish during the embroidery process by adding ribbon, lace, or other trims.

Use printable fabric to print a message or a picture and use that for the applique - for wedding favors, you could print the bride and groom's name and date; or for a birth announcement, print the baby name & birthday; or print personalized messages to your friends.  You can also fussy-cut favorite fabrics for the front applique.  The pouches can be stored flat then when you need them, just fold them into shape and attach the two brads.  The top can be closed also using brads, or grommets/eyelets and ribbon/twine, or snaps, or clips.

You can make softer bags by fusing two pieces of cotton together with a fusible web (such as WonderWeb, StitchWitchery or MistyFuse) - no stabilizer needed, just hoop the fabric sandwich; or you can make them from vinyl lined with cotton or polyester; or for a soft but structured pouch, you can make them with cotton on top and stiff felt on the back.  

The set includes 4 pouches:  2 different pouch designs in two sizes.  The 6x10 design file measures 5.86" x 9.33" (149 x 237 mm) and the 8x10 design file measures 6.98" x 10" (177 x 254 mm).

Please note these are machine embroidery in the hoop (ITH) designs, not sewing patterns, and they can only be used with an embroidery machine.